Ask Us About Auto Advantage Auto Program! A Low Payment Alternative!

Want lower payments with your next car? Choose SHCU’s Auto Advantage and save up to 40% over traditional car loans!

Low Monthly Payments and Terms up to 72 Months

If you like the advantages of leasing – but not the terms – SHCUs Auto Advantage offers so many advantages! Where do we start?

  • Less money out of pocket! Save up to 40% compared to traditional car loans!
  • Lower monthly payments! Enjoy lower monthly payments and terms from 24 to 72 months, based on model year and current mileage.
  • Buy new or used! Both new and used vehicles are eligible, including future, current, and the previous three model years.

Enjoy the Benefits of Leasing Without the Hassle

  • Don’t lock into a lease! Auto Advantage gives you the option to terminate your loan without penalty simply by paying it off at any time.
  • Choose your own mileage! Choose from 12,000, 15,000, or 18,000 miles per year and only $0.10 per mile thereafter.
  • More Flexible options at maturity! Choose from four easy options to end your Auto Advantage loan:
  • Sell the vehicle and pay off the loan balance
  • Trade the vehicle in and pay off the loan balance
  • Keep the vehicle and refinance the remaining amount owed
  • Return the vehicle