Buzz Points Available!

Safe Harbor has new service for its members called Buzz Points!

This is an opportunity for our members to gain points on their debit card! That’s right, you just need a checking account connected to a debit card and you’ll begin racking up the points for discounts, cash back, and coupons for your favorite local retail stores. This is what makes this product great, we are focusing on our local retailers as well as our members! If you shop locally you’ll receive double the points! Even if you prefer to shop out of town and at other nonlocal retailers you’ll still receive points.

How do I redeem my points? Great question. This couldn’t be easier! This will have a free app on your phone and on your computer that you will download. This way you’ll be able to track how many points you’ll be getting on the go! This app will also pop up anytime you’ve been rewarded with free money, new coupons, or a double points weekends offered by Safe Harbor!

So, come see what all the buzz is about at Safe Harbor Credit Union. The Buzz Points Program is something that all ages can begin saving money!

Look for more information coming soon!