Intern Blog 6/4/18

Safe Harbor is headed in an exciting direction during the summer of 2018. We’re currently working on implementing a new application that will integrate both of our current applications into one. Not only this, but the new app will have multiple features that will enable Safe Harbor to better serve its members; everything from offering coupons and discounts to assisting members in renovating their homes.

I’ve been given the task of heading the app implementation project as well as several others. Another project that I’m currently working on is our annual Membership Appreciation Day. This year, Membership Appreciation Day will be on August 10th. We’ll release more details as that date draws closer.

Lastly, during the first few weeks of my internship, I’ve spent time learning the teller position. This has turned out to be quite the task. Tellers work very hard as they must pay close attention to detail, work swiftly, and have a vast understanding of Credit Union Software. I’m continually impressed with the teller staff that we have here at Safe Harbor.

– Leadership Intern Cameron Bandstra