Savings Accounts

Safe Harbor Credit Union has the following savings services to meet the needs of our members:

Regular Share Accounts

Share accounts are credit union savings accounts. A balance of at least $5.00 must be maintained in a regular share account for a person to remain a member of the credit union. Dividends on this account are paid quarterly.

Tiered Money Market Savings Accounts “TIMM”

This is a “money market type” savings account which earns a higher interest rate than the dividends paid on regular share accounts. The TIMM account requires a minimum balance of $2,000, and deposit or withdrawal transactions must be at least $100. Interest on this account is paid monthly.

High-Yield Time Deposit Accounts

This account is similar to a Certificate of Deposit except that they are book entry accounts and no certificate is issued. An initial deposit of $1,000 is required to open this account. The funds deposited may not be withdrawn prior to the maturity date without the consent of the credit union and early withdrawals are  subject to an early withdrawal penalty assessed on the amount withdrawn. Interest rates are comparable to certificate of deposit rates and are based on the maturity of the time deposit. Interest on this account is paid monthly.

Other Savings Accounts

Christmas Club Accounts – Our Christmas Club is a holiday savings plan that runs from October through October. Interest is paid quarterly.

Individual Retirement Account Share Accounts – For information about our various IRA Accounts (Roth, Educational, etc.)  please call us at (231) 843-2323 or e-mail us at

Individual Retirement Account Certificates – For information about our various IRA Certificates (Roth, Educational, etc.) please call us at (231) 843-2323 or e-mail us at

To see the rates currently being paid on any of the savings accounts listed above, please visit our Rates Section on this website.