The Crasher Experience

My name is Jordyn Walicki, I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Michigan Credit Union League, Annual, Convention & Exhibition conference, as a crasher. I was selected a few months back out of numerous applicants to be one of ten young professionals. The definition of a crasher is, someone who enters, attends, or participates in an event that doesn’t have a ticket or was invited. The following is about my experience.

Fast forward to the first day of the convention, HOLY COW what an amazing group of people. I met with my group of crashers, played a few ice breaker games, and introduced ourselves. Then that evening we volunteered at the Corks for a Cause event. All the proceeds went to the MCUF (Michigan Credit Union Foundation), such a great event to be a part of. The following days were spent listening to the CEO of the League, CEO of CUNA, wonderful Keynote Speakers such as Kevin Brown, with the Hero Effect, and so many other great speakers. I was immersed in the environment of credit unions, and I have never been prouder to be apart of something so big!

The credit union movement’s core value is people helping people! I saw CEO’s help create coffee houses for young high school students, teaching them how to organize a business plan, running a business, ordering products, balancing the cash register, basically beginning a business from the ground up, to give back to the community. Not because they had to but because they WANTED to. Multiple items were put together for a silent auction, there was a fun run, as well as a live auction, all of the proceeds went to the Children’s Miracle Network, we raised over $100,000 dollars!

There was so much that I took away from those 3 days, it’s hard to just pick a few. One of the biggest takeaways was that I need to get more involved in the community, other walks of life, and not be stuck in my day to day (wake up, go to work, come from work, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat)! With that being said I need to embrace every opportunity presented to me and not be afraid of it being out of my “comfort zone”.

Second take away was, financial literacy and its importance. So many of our youth have no clue what a checking account is, how to apply for a loan, or even what credit is. This is one thing I will be taking and running with. My goal/ plan is to help change this in our community specifically!

My last takeaway, is something I like to think I have always done and strived for, pushing others around me to do their best. To see people not as what they are but what they can be! After all, this was a leadership convention. Our lives are not a rehearsal dinner, so live every day as if it were the real deal!

I came from the banking world and to experience what I experienced in those 3 days and for the last 4 years here at the credit union, I will NEVER go back.