Smart Start Savings Club

Introducing the Smart Start Savings Club

Safe Harbor Credit Union wants to help teach your children (and grandchildren) about money, teach them about financial responsibility, and show them how to build a strong foundation for their future.

That’s why we created the Smart Start Account, a youth account for children ages 8 – 15, designed to encourage kids to begin good savings habits.

Your children (and grandchildren) are automatically enrolled in the Smart Start Account when they reach the age of 8.  Once they are eligible for the Smart Start Account they can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of this account, such as:

      • A free savings account with no minimum balance
      • They are eligible for Youth High Yield Time Deposits*
      • Invitations to special events throughout the year
      • Special Smart Start Deposit Rewards Program*
      • Report Card Rewards*
      • Unlimited minutes of Online Banking
      • Automatic upgrade to an On YOUR Way Account at the age of 16

*Youth High Yield Time Deposits offer you a way to earn greater interest on your savings.  With a minimum deposit of $100, you can lock in a competitive interest rate on a 4 month term and receive monthly dividends.

*The Smart Start Deposit Rewards Program teaches children that saving can be fun and rewarding too!  Children will receive a rewards card on which they can earn a stamp with every deposit.  There is a maximum of 1 stamp per week and the minimum deposit is $10 to receive a stamp. Every time 20 stamps are accumulated, the child can choose from our collection of $5 gift certificates or choose one of our special SHCU piggy banks.

*Report Card Rewards….Have you heard about SHCU’s “Pay for A’s” program?  All Smart Start Account holders will be eligible to earn money for receiving a great report card from school.  It’s our way of letting you know that we promote excellence and hard work in school, which are very important to your child’s future success.

Program guidelines:

  • Students may submit a copy of their report cards by mail or in person at our branch.
  • Students may only submit 2 report cards each academic year.
  • Students may receive a maximum of $10 per school year ($5 for each report card submitted)

Come see us TODAY and ask for your Smart Start Deposit Rewards Card so you can start earning fun rewards!