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Safe Harbor Serves

Safe Harbor Serves

In conjunction with our bigger and brighter goals for 2021 here at Safe Harbor Credit Union, we have recently created a Community Service Committee founded by members of our staff.  The Community Service Committee is created with a focus in developing and implementing educational, humanitarian, recreation, wellness and environmental programs, projects and activities that assist the community in meeting the needs of its citizens and in improving the quality of life for all community members.  The ability of the committee to implement effective fundraising campaigns and events plays a large part in achieving the community service goals that enable us to achieve our vision.

Over the next month, we have a few activities already planned starting with helping to remove invasive plant species at Cartier Park.  We are also planning on doing our part for Earth Day, with several staff members volunteering to do trash pickup throughout the Ludington Area.  We have many big ideas in store that we are planning on working on down the road that we are truly excited about. We believe this would lend a helping hand to our community and showcase how much we truly care about our members and the surrounding areas in which we work!


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