Our History

Safe Harbor Credit Union was chartered in 1952 by employees of the Ludington Plant of Dow Chemical Company. The founders established our credit union to provide a safe, friendly environment where Dow’s Ludington employees and their families could place their savings and receive a good rate of return as well as borrow for productive purposes at a lower, fair rate of interest.

The credit union was originally housed on the grounds of the Dow Ludington plant in a small office located in the building that also housed the Dow employment office and Plant Security personnel. In 1981 our credit union constructed a new building at 1500 South Madison Street, just outside the Dow Chemical Plant.

Our credit union has grown steadily over the years. Several years ago our charter was amended to expand our field of membership to include other groups in addition to Dow Ludington employees and we currently have over 100 groups in addition to the founding group. As a result of our expanded field of membership we changed our name in February of 2000 from Dow Ludington Employee’s Credit Union to Safe Harbor Credit Union. In June of 2001, we constructed a new credit union building at 1200 E. Tinkham Avenue in Ludington. This new, larger facility enabled us to provide our membership with improved drive-in services, additional 24 hour Automated Teller Machine services, much more parking, and is in a location that is much more convenient for the majority of our membership.

Who Can Join?

  • Employees or members of employer groups or other organized groups which are located within 25miles of the credit union’s main office. Each group must provide a written request for service to this credit union. For a list of current groups affiliated with our credit union, contact our membership department.  
  • Any individual 55 years or older who receives a pension or social security benefits and resides in or belongs to a retirement organization in Mason County or in a county contiguous to Mason County.
  • All employees of this credit union.
  • Immediate family members of individuals eligible for membership.
  • Any organization whose membership is made up of individuals eligible for membership.

If you would like information about becoming eligible to join our credit union, please contact us by any of the methods listed below:

Stop in to see us at 1200 E Tinkham Avenue, Ludington MI

Call us at 231-843-2323 or 1-866-570-7233

Email us at information@safeharborcu.org