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Ready to get your loan fast?   Just use our online loan application to apply any time.  It’s fast, convenient, and secure.  Or call us at 843-2323 and ask for Adam, Carrie, David, Meghan, Blake or Jordyn.  They can help you with:

  • Auto Loans – new cars, used cards or refinance your existing loan!
  • First Mortgage and Home Equity Loans – we pride ourselves in fast turnaround!
  • Credit Cards – the best credit card in the State of Michigan!
  • Personal Loans – unsecured revolving or installment!
  • Motorcycle, Boat, & RV Loans – our lenders can finance anything!
  • Farm Loans – give us a call and we can put a lien on it, even if it wiggles or grows.
  • Business Loans – our commercial lending team is the best!

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This will take you to our affiliate’s page outside the Safe Harbor Website, but we are a part owner of this West Michigan company!  It’s not some out of state, high volume processor!

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Just visit us in person at 1200 Tinkham, or call 231.843.2323 and ask to speak with a lender. You’re also able to e-mail us at  We all get these emails and will be sure to write you back promptly.