Member Accounts

Safe Harbor Credit Union has the following savings services to meet the needs of our members:

Regular Share Accounts

This is your main account.  When opened with a $5.00 deposit, it establishes your membership. You are then eligible for other credit union services and voting rights.

Share Draft Accounts (Checking)

Share draft accounts are credit union checking accounts.  There are no monthly service fees, no minimum balance and unlimited check writing.

High-Yield Time Deposit Accounts

A High Yield Account is another type of savings account where the interest rate is fixed for a predetermined period of time.  These accounts are similar to Certificate of Deposit accounts except that they are book entry accounts and no certificate is issued.  An initial deposit of $1,000 is required to open this account.  No additional deposits are permitted during the term.  An early withdrawal penalty may be imposed if any of the principle in the account is withdrawn prior to the maturity date.  Terms available range from six to sixty months.

Tiered Money Market Accounts

A Tiered Money Market Account is a higher yielding savings account with some restrictions.  A minimum balance of $2,000 is required to open this account and the $2,000 must be maintained in your account each day to obtain the disclosed APY.

HSA Accounts

Safe Harbor Credit Union now offers HSA accounts!!

An HSA account simply put, is a Health Savings Account, which is a special savings or checking account to be used for medical expenses.  There are unique tax advantages with these types of accounts, including tax deductions for contributions, tax-free withdrawals for medical expenses, automated carryover of funds from one year to the next and more.

HSA’s are offered by employers as a way to lower health insurance premiums through a “High Deductible Health Plan”, and HSA accounts are portable, so the member can keep the account even when he/she changes jobs.

For 2018, the contribution limit for self-only HSA’s is $3,450 per year. The contribution limit for family coverage is $6,900 per year.  If you are age 55 or older, you can make an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution to your HSA.

Anyone who has an HSA-compatible high deductible health insurance policy will qualify.

It’s very easy to get an HSA started, so come into Safe Harbor Credit Union and ask us how!

Other Savings Accounts

Smart Start Savings Club-Saving tips for kids ages 8-15 yrs.! Check out the link below to find out more!

Christmas Club Accounts – Our Christmas Club is a holiday savings plan that runs for 52 weeks and is paid out on October 1 of each year. Dividends are paid quarterly.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)- We offer the three most common types of IRAs; Traditional, Roth and Educational.  All three are available as regular IRA Savings Accounts. A $25 minimum deposit is required to open the account. You may deposit at any time.  Withdrawals, rollovers and direct transfers may be made at any time subject to federal regulations concerning these types of transactions.

Individual Retirement Account Certificates – You may choose a one-year, two year or a three-year term and lock in the current rate until maturity.  Additional deposits are not permitted and penalties will be charged for early withdrawals.

To see the rates currently being paid on any of the savings accounts listed above, please visit our Rates Section on this website.